Whether your business needs a facelift or your home needs a new driveway, from time to time we all encounter projects that require specialised equipment. Some business owners may even have a regular need for diggers, dumpers or compactor plates.

In the questionable wake of the Covid pandemic, construction projects are booming. A number of factors are colluding that are putting construction work in high demand: 

  • The backlog of unfinished projects not tackled during lockdown
  • The backlog of projects that were put on hold due to materials shortages
  • The increase in new warehouse projects  aimed at providing more home delivery services
  • The increase in conversions of commercial premises to residential premises

It’s in this time of booming business that many people will ask themselves whether it’s more beneficial to buy or hire plant equipment.

Benefits of Hiring Plant Equipment

Purchasing plant equipment may seem like a good solution from the outset, but before you commit, have a look at some of the benefits of hiring plant equipment from a professional plant hire provider.

1. Smaller Investment

Outright purchase of plant equipment can be extremely costly and you need to be sure that you’ll be able to get a good return on your investment. You may find that your need for the machine you purchased fluctuates. One of the advantages of hiring plant equipment is that you pay for what you use. You can hire out a machine on a project by project basis and return it when you no longer need it.

2. Most up to date models

Plant hire companies regularly invest in upgrading their equipment to meet changing industry regulations and to offer the latest features.

More modern machines will include the latest safety features and greater fuel efficiency. They will also be more comfortable to use, reducing the time spent working on this part of your project.

3. More choice and the possibility to switch between models

You may find that, on buying a machine, you have overlooked some aspect of the machine functions you will need or the environments the machine will have to work in. Or maybe the machine that was perfect for one project is less suited to another because the terrain or other requirements are different. 

When you hire, this needn’t concern you. One of the benefits of plant hire is that you are able to select the perfect machine every time and will have the possibility of upgrading to newer models as they come into stock.

4. Maintenance and certifications won’t be a problem

All tools and equipment need to be maintained, but some machines require additional safety checks and certifications.

When you hire equipment, the hire company is responsible for every aspect of a machine’s maintenance. It will be up to the hire company to provide technical support and even machine replacement should you suffer a breakdown.

5. No insurance payments

As well as the cost of buying a machine, there is insurance to think about. 

Machines such as diggers require insurance to cover: public Liability, employers’ liability, accidents and, of course, theft and damage.

This is not to be taken lightly, as consistent increases in the theft of plant equipment and agricultural machines led to the introduction in April 2021 of a specialised police intelligence unit dedicated exclusively to this type of crime. According to a pbc today* article, the ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment), operating within Opal,** ACE is a branch of the serious organised acquisitive crime (SOAC) unit and is currently operating across the UK to help curb this type of crime.

6. Storage

Most plant machinery is cumbersome. An investment in this type of machinery will often require an additional investment in safe storage space.

The sharp increase in UK property prices translates to higher rents and, therefore, higher storage costs.

Cost-effective use of space is an extremely important issue to business owners. 

Storing a large machine in space that could be utilised otherwise is an additional expense.

One of the advantages of hiring plant equipment is that you will not need to store any machines on your site when they’re idle.

Given the benefits of plant hire, it’s hardly surprising that more and more people around the UK are turning to plant hire services as an efficient solution to their machine and tool requirements.  

Central Plant Hire is a company with a 33-year history, specialising in the self-drive hire of mini diggers, dumpers and plant equipment in the Sussex and Surrey area.

If you’re considering plant hire as a solution for your next project, speak to Central Plant Hire on 01293 851 320 or by emailing hire@centralplanthire.co.uk.

Central Plant Hire can offer expert advice and the best machines for each job, so get in touch today!



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