Frequently Asked Questions

  • The first thing to check is your access, 9 times out of 10 - your job will have a restriction of some sort such as width or height. You need to check what restrictions you may have carefully – remember if the ground is not level where you need to get a machine through a gap, it will tilt to one side. Also remember to include drainpipes or outside taps.

    You then need to work out what size machine you need, once you have determined your access work out what you have to achieve, for example how deep you have to dig or how much soil needs to be excavated. Do you need to move the excavated soil, if so would a dumper be the best method.

    Whilst we are happy to offer advice as to which machine is suitable for your requirements it is only advice as we cannot tell the full environment that the machine will be working in. It is also the hirers responsibility that all health and safety legislation and or any other regulations are complied with.

    If you are not sure contact us and ask.

  • Payment is by debit or credit card in advance of the hire, we accept most major cards. No deposit is required. Two forms of identification must be produced the first time any equipment is hired. This should include a valid driving licence and a utilities bill bearing the same address.Monthly account facilities are available for approved trade customers, please contact us for the relevant forms

  • Damage is chargeable, please see our Insurance page.

  • Yes, our fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles will ensure that the equipment arrives on site and on time. Please see our transport charges.

  • Equipment remains on hire until the office is notified that you are finished even if you have booked the machine for a set period, over 50% of hires last longer (or shorter) than originally planned. Security of equipment remains your responsibility until returned or collected by our transport.

  • All machines are supplied with a full tank of fuel and a charge is made to top them back up at the end of the hire if required.

  • No, we will run through all the controls and the safe operation of the machine when it is delivered.

  • No, there is no legal requirement for an operator to hold a license, however most construction sites will require an operator to have certificate such as the CPCS or CMPE before they are allowed to work on that site. All our operators hold the CPCS certificate for the excavators they operate, this is fast becoming the industry standard certificate.

  • No but we can usually put you in touch with a local company.

  • Yes, you are responsible for any damage or the theft of any excavator or machinery on hire to you. You can often add this to your household insurance for the hire period. Alternatively we can offer insurance against theft and damage at a rate of 15% of the hire rate, please contact us for details.