When you work on any kind of construction project, whether it’s a home or garden improvement or a larger-scale commercial or industrial project, there will come a time where you have to consider the use of specialised plant equipment.

Although the term “plant equipment” means machinery and apparatus used for industrial activity, in construction the term plant equipment refers to excavators, forklifts and other heavy machinery we regularly see being used on building sites and on other construction projects.

Large construction companies will usually have their own fleets of specialised equipment which they rotate on their projects, but smaller concerns do not usually have the capital or the need to invest in the purchase of this kind of equipment and regularly turn to plant hire firms to rent out specific machines for a set long or short period.

How do I know what to plant equipment to hire?

Even if you’ve never hired plant equipment for construction before, you will probably have a good idea of what you need to hire. You may require an excavator for digging foundations and possibly a dumper for moving the extracted soil to a different part of your site.

construction plant hire

If you’re not sure of the machine specifications, the first step is to find a plant hire provider near you and get in touch. A plant hire provider will be able to make an assessment of your needs from the information you provide on the type of job and the characteristics of your site.

After a short consultation your local plant hire company will have gathered information on the size of the job at hand and any particular constraints such as narrow working spaces or uneven terrain, with this they will be able to advise you on the machines that are best suited to your task.

Oftentimes, by discussing your project with plant hire professionals you will come to think of other aspects of your project that may be helped along by the use of additional tools and machines that construction plant hire services can offer.

Perhaps a conservatory project that requires a digger may also benefit from hiring a compactor plate to flatten down the work area in preparation for laying paving; or perhaps alternative digger attachments may be handy for your job, such as a breaker attachment to break up existing paving.

Whatever the case may be, plant hire professionals will be able to inform you of the best machines to make light work of your project and how to hire plant equipment for construction.

What’s right for me: a self-drive or operated digger?

If you are inexperienced using a digger it’s always advisable to hire a digger with an experienced operator, however, this isn’t a legal requirement.

You may operate a mini digger on your own private property or worksite without a specific permit, however, you cannot operate a mini digger by a public road without legal accreditation.

The advantage of hiring a digger with an operator is that their experience and precision will undoubtedly knock hours off the work.

You may, however, prefer the flexibility of using the digger according to your own schedule. Ask your plant hire service if they provide the option that suits you best.

Should I be afraid of hidden plant equipment hire costs?

It is understandable that anyone looking to hire plant equipment will want to assess the cost that this entails. Look for a construction plant hire company that is completely transparent about its rates. 

Search for plant hire companies that list their prices on their website to get an idea of the costs involved and don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask questions if you’re not sure about pricing, products or delivery.

Be sure to find a construction plant hire provider near you, as this will make machine delivery faster and cheaper and it will provide you with a handy local service for hiring other tools and machines you may require for future jobs.

If you are interested in speaking to someone about plant hire for construction projects in the Sussex and Surrey areas,  get in touch with Central Plant Hire.

We specialise in the self-drive hire of Mini Diggers, Excavators and Plant Equipment and provide a personalised service with excellent customer support. Our range of diggers and plant hire equipment can be hired promptly and efficiently to your site and location. Speak to us today to find out how to hire plant equipment near you.

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