Safety Instructions for Dumpers

The operator must read these instructions before starting the Dumper.

  1. It is strongly recommended that operators be properly trained in the operation of dumpers.
  2. It is strongly recommended that operators should have a full driving licence.
  3. It is strongly recommended that the operator’s employer give him written authority to drive the dumper before work commences, having been satisfied that he is competent to drive.
  4. It is a requirement of the law that operators must be over the age of 18 years.
  5. Wear protective clothing as necessary, such as a hard hat, safety footwear and goggles.
  6. Use ear defenders when noise levels are uncomfortably high and it is necessary to shout to heard (i.e. at levels of 90 dB (A) or above).
  7. Carry out service checks and adjustments at the start of each working day.
  8. CHECK that all persons and animals are clear of the work area.
  9. CHECK before starting the dumper that the gear lever is in neutral with the hand brake on.
  10. When loading the skip, ensure that the load is evenly distributed.
  11. DO NOT overload, this can damage the vehicle and its tyres, and make it dangerous to drive.
  12. Where possible, load the dumper on level ground with the parking brake on and the gear in neutral.
  13. When the dumper is being loaded by an excavator or loader, the operators should dismount and stand well clear.
  14. DO NOT load a partially tipped skip.
  15. Only start and operate the machine when sitting in the driver’s seat.
  16. Projecting loads should be securely fixed and flags should be attached. Special care should be taken to avoid these loads touching obstructions and the ground.
  17. DO NOT obscure the line of sight from the driving position with the load.
  18. CHECK for pedestrians before moving off and when driving. Great care is needed when reversing or manoeuvring to turn.
  19. DO NOT carry passengers on the dumper.
  20. The dumper must be driven at a speed that allows complete control of the vehicle at all times.
  21. Extreme care must be taken when driving on or across slopes.
  22. The hand brake must be applied whenever the dumper is parked.
  23. DO NOT get off a dumper when it is still in motion.
  24. DO NOT alter tyre pressures in an attempt to improve traction.
  25. DO NOT drive dumpers after dark unless they are equipped with lights of the site is adequately floodlit.
  26. DO NOT drive with the skip in the tipped position.
  27. When tipping into an excavation, suitable stop blocks must be used to prevent the vehicle from going over the edge. The blocks must be kept clear of spillage.
  28. Always apply the hand brake before tipping.
  29. Beware of over balancing when tipping on a downward slope, particularly if the material sticks in the skip.
  30. DO NOT allow the lip of the skip to strike the ground when tipping.
  31. DO NOT tip the load while the dumper is moving or use the skip in the tipped position as a dozer.
  32. DO NOT attempt repairs. Contact Central Plant Hire if there are any problems.

These notes are for guidance only and all equipment must be operated correctly, according to the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

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