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Interested in hiring a digger but having some doubts? Have a look at some of the most frequent questions when it comes to plant hire or get in touch with Central Plant Hire on 01293 851 320 for more information.

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Are the machines fuelled?

All machines are supplied with a full tank of fuel and a charge is made to top them back up at the end of the hire if required.

I have no experience driving a mini digger. Is this a problem?

No, we will run through all the controls and the safe operation of the machine when it is delivered.

Do I need a licence to hire a mini digger?

No, there is no legal requirement for an operator to hold a licence, however, most construction sites will require an operator to have a certificate such as the CPCS or CMPE before they are allowed to work on that site.

Do you supply skips or muck away?

No, but we can usually put you in touch with a local company.

Am I responsible for the machine whilst it is on hire?

Yes, you are responsible for any damage or the theft of any excavator or machinery on hire to you. You can often add this to your household insurance for the hire period. Alternatively we can offer insurance against theft and damage at a rate of 15% of the hire rate, please contact us for details.

I have a concrete drive, will a mini digger break this up?

If the concrete is very thin you might get away with it; however, it is probably advisable to speak to us about hiring a hydraulic breaker. We can supply hydraulic breakers to fit all our machines, the thickness and area of the concrete will determine what size machine you would need.

Will the tracks damage my drive?

All our mini diggers (1 to 5 ton) are on rubber tracks to save damage on block paving or tarmac. However in hot weather tarmac can become soft, so it may be advisable to put boarding down to protect it.

I need to dig a trench along a wall, is this possible?

All our mini diggers have a boom offset which will turn the boom on its own, allowing the operator to dig alongside a wall or fence.

What do I need to check before digging?

You need to check for underground obstructions and services such as gas, electricity, water and telephone before starting any excavation. Even a small mini digger will damage these services.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our plant hire FAQs or you would like to speak to someone about our digger hire services, get in touch with Central Plant Hire today on 01293 851 320.

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